Transform the System
Collaborative movement organizing

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This statement is an invitation into a "movement of movements" – the call for diverse groups and sectors to come together around the common cause of transitioning from our present state of life-threatening global crisis to a sustainable, just and cooperative global society that serves the well-being of all.

Based on separation, competition and the pursuit of self-profit regardless of the consequences for others and the planet, the now-globalized capitalist system, particularly in its advanced neo-liberal form, is causing multiple crises of vast social and economic inequality, climate emergency and other forms of ecological devastation that threaten the very survival of life on Earth.

We need to transition, as quickly and smoothly as possible, to a system based on the opposite values: sustainability, cooperation, caring, our interconnectedness with each other and nature, an ethic of solidarity that serves the well-being of all of us and all life.

Many people and organizations have recognized this, and are already working towards this transition, at different levels and in diverse ways. We have distilled a manifesto based on the common values and goals of these movements, which can serve as the platform for a "movement of movements", around which they can gather, coordinate their goals and collaborate in action. This will both accelerate the transition to a cooperative, sustainable society so many desire today, and model new collaborative processes for co-creative synergy and participatory governance for our future.

The seven goals of the manifesto, and the movement of movements, include:

  1. Ecological sustainability: Moving towards maximum renewable energy globally in the minimum time possible. Instituting policies, on all scales, for the reclamation of the commons and the restoration of healthy natural ecosystems.

  2. Cooperative, equitable economics: Replacing the current neo-liberal, deregulated capitalist global system with a cooperative, equitable system, serving people and planet rather than the profits of the wealthy.

  3. Social justice globally: Providing equal social status, dignity and opportunity for all to have their necessities met and to reach their highest potentials, regardless of race, gender, nationality, religion, class, ethnicity, age or ability.

  4. Non-violence: In our own action and strategies. On the global scale, moving towards nuclear disarmament, the dismantling of the war machine and the weapons industry. Responding to violence with forms of restorative justice and reconciliation rather than retaliation.

  5. Consciousness-Change: Bringing a holistic, ethical worldview of interconnectedness, at all levels of our being, into our educational systems, as well as the general cultural consciousness via the media. Some of the points would include: our interconnection through subtle fields of energy and consciousness; our ecological interdependence with other life forms and natural systems; the need for cooperative, sustainable, equitable social and economic systems which reflect that; and an appreciation of unity-in-diversity, along with the skills of collective intelligence and co-creative synergy. Though consonant with the worldview of indigenous and ancient spiritual traditions, these principles can also be framed in secular or scientific terms.

  6. Developing Forms of Participatory Governance: Promoting local resilience and self-reliance, as well as new forms of participatory governance, at levels local to global. Developing a true democracy of, for and by the people, with everyone included, as well as the interests of Mother Earth and all life forms on the planet.

  7. Empowering Women and Feminine Values: Ending all violence towards and oppression of women. Empowering women as transformational leaders as well as men bringing the feminine values of interconnectedness, caring, cooperation and reverence for the sacredness of all life into the collective consciousness and our social systems

Our plan is to send the manifesto to major leaders already active in these directions, invite them to sign and, if possible, join a guiding body. With these names behind it, we would then send it out to relevant groups and organizations by direct invitation, as well as the general public through the social media, including Facebook, social activist petition sites, etc. We could also link the manifesto to a succinct, direct hashtag like "#transformthesystem" and send it out to go viral. This in turn could be linked to an invitation to a day of world-wide demonstrations, a "Transform the System" day.

Behind this would be a platform set up for on-going collaboration: an interactive digital website where the different organizations and their activities would be mapped, allowing them to identify each other and further consolidate action. The website would also elaborate the points of the vision in greater detail, and continue to evolve as the movement itself does. The site would offer a cohesive, holistic vision of how the principle of interconnectedness expresses itself at every level of our being: the inner levels of consciousness, energy, psyche and healing, as well as the outer social, ecological, economic and governance levels, as a basis for multi-dimensional, whole-systems transformation, and coordinated action towards it.

We believe that such a "movement of movements" could galvanize hope and vision not only among fragmented movements, but also among the many individuals around the world disaffected by the current dismal global direction, and ripe for a positive vision and structure into which they can put their energy. Our future is not fore-ordained; it is up to us to create it. It is time to consolidate our movements towards a new world of solidarity – economic, ecological and social – where all of us and all of life can flourish.

~ Kavita Byrd, June 3, 2018