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No Organization Primary category Primary sector URL Rep
1 Weaving Unity Link Yes
2 The Interspirituality Network Link Yes
3 Toronto Convergence Spirituality Link Yes
4 Common Heritage Global transformation Link No
5 Compassionate Listening Project Link No
6 Center for Building a Culture of Empathy Link No
7 Local Futures Link No
8 Green Earth Vision Link No
9 Institute for Environmental Negotiation Link No
10 Diversity and Spirituality Link No
11 National Coalition Building Institute Socio-Political Community Link No
12 Regeneration Hub Ecology Ecology Link No
13 Work that Reconnects Link No
14 Social Evolution Link No
15 Evolution Institute Link No
16 Rethinking economics Economy Link No
17 Moved by Love Consciousness Link No
18 Lynne Twist Link No
19 Project Heaven on Earth Link No
20 Project Global Awakening Link No
21 Creating the New World Planetary-Cosmic Movement organizing Link No
22 Project Earth Link No
23 Let's Do It, World! Socio-Political Link No
24 Upward Spirals Link No
25 Metta Center for Nonviolence Sacred activism Link No
26 Spirit in Action Link No
27 Citizens for a Healthy Earth Link Yes
28 Movement Weavers Socio-Political Networking / netweaving Link No
29 Democracy without Borders Socio-Political Link No
30 Coeo - The Community Connector Link No
31 Enspiral Socio-Political Community Link No
32 World Transformation - Whole Systems Link No
33 Humanity's Team Planetary-Cosmic Link No
34 Great Transition Stories Link No
35 United Diversity Socio-Political Commons Link No
36 Open Coop Economy Community Link No
37 Opening Space Link No
38 Heart Circle Link No
39 Living Mandala Link No
40 Thriving Reslience Link No
41 World of Love Link No
42 Global Change Leaders Link No
43 Age of Thrivability Link No
44 EARTHwise Centre Consciousness Link No
45 Global System Change Ecology Global transformation Link No
46 Co-Intelligence Institute Consciousness Democracy Link No
47 Nature Institute Ecology Ecology Link No
48 Mutual Aid Network Link No
49 Council of Communities Socio-Political Community Link No
50 Leadership Learning Community Link No
51 Kumu Link No
52 Transition Network Economy Economy Link No
53 On the Commons Economy Economy Link No
54 Real Economy Lab Economy Economy Link No
55 Commons Transition Socio-Political Economy Link No
56 P2P Foundation    * Socio-Political Global transformation Link Yes
57 Economy for the Common Good - U.K. Economy Economy Link No
58 World Business Academy Socio-Political Conscious Evolution Link No
59 The Circle Way (org) Consciousness Circle Link No
60 Gather the Women Consciousness Women Link No
61 Globalization 101 Socio-Political Globalization Link No
62 United Nations Research Institute for Social Development Socio-Political Global transformation Link No
63 Institute for Progressive Policy Research Socio-Political Community Link No
64 Emergence Magazine Consciousness Culture Link No
65 Finance Innovation Lab Economy Economy Link No
66 Pachamama Alliance Ecology Ecology Link No
67 Dharma Healing International Consciousness Health Link No
68 Community Wealth Economy Economy Link No
69 Communitarian Network Socio-Political Community Link No
70 Interspirit Foundation Consciousness Interspirit Link Yes
71 Shakti Centre Consciousness Global transformation Link Yes
72 Shift Consciousness Global transformation Link Yes
73 The Whole World View Consciousness Global transformation Link No
74 The Assemblage Planetary-Cosmic Global transformation Link No
75 New Innergy Global transformation Link No
76 Earth Nation Alliance Consciousness Global transformation Link No
77 Evonomics: The next generation of economics Economy Economy Link No
78 Ouishare Movement organizing Link No
79 Alliance for Sustainability and Prosperity Consciousness Economy Link No
80 Reclaim Our Economy Economy Economy Link No
81 Global Alliance for Banking on Values Economy Economy Link No
82 Great Transition Initiative Global transformation Link No
83 Economy for the Common Good    * Economy Economy Link No
84 United Global Shift Consciousness Wellbeing of all Link No
85 Learning for Wellbeing Wellbeing of all Link No
86 One Percent for the Planet Philanthropy Link No
87 Wellbeing Economy Alliance - WE-All Economy Wellbeing of all Link Yes
88 World Summit Planetary-Cosmic Global transformation Link Yes
89 New Economy Organisers - NEON Economy Link No
90 NEF Consulting Economy Economy Link No
91 New Economics Foundation Economy Link No
92 Lori Sortino Facilitation Link No
93 Nectar Earth Movement organizing Link No
94 Compassion Course Link No
95 Ripess Economy Link No
96 Interaction Institute for Social Change Facilitation Link No
97 Together in Creation Global transformation Link Yes
98 Integral Alignment Conscious Evolution Link No
99 Coexist Foundation Interfaith Link No
100 Dialogue Circles Circle Link No
101 Awakin Community Link No
102 Service Space Social service Link No
103 Circle Training and Gathering in Obenaus Circle Link No
104 Humus - the flourishing of organizations and individuals Consciousness Circle Link No
105 Collective Healing Consciousness Facilitation Link No
106 Smart CSOS Global transformation Link No
107 Agreements Institute Co-creation Link No
108 U.S. Solidarity Economy Network Economy Link No
109 Social.Coop Community Link No
110 Training for Change Link No
111 Whole World View Global transformation Link No
112 Kosmos Journal Planetary-Cosmic Global transformation Link No
113 Bay Area Nonviolent Communications Consciousness Facilitation Link No
114 The Fearless Heart Facilitation Link No
115 Contemplative Life Interfaith Link No
116 New Economy Coalition    * Socio-Political Economy Link No
117 Dialogue Institute - Journal of Ecumenical Studies Interfaith Link No
118 Harmony Interfaith Initiative Interfaith Link No
119 Sustainable at Heart Sustainability Link No
120 Lorenzo Fioramonti Wellbeing of all Link No
121 Presencing Institute Mediation Link No
122 Brook Lyndhurst Wellbeing of all Link No
123 Open Center Community Link No
124 Listen First Mediation Link No
125 The Listening Project - Rural Southern Voice For Peace (RSVP) Facilitation Link No
126 Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs Socio-Political Ethics Link No
127 We have the choice Circle Link No
128 Good of the Whole Link Yes
129 Initiatives of Change Community Link No
130 Revive Civility Civil discourse Link No
131 Institute for Religious Tolerance, Peace and Justice Interfaith Link No
132 Converge Link No
133 Ken Cloke - Center for Dispute Resolution Mediation Link No
134 Tamera Sacred activism Link No
135 BRDGES Academy Mediation Link No
136 Hive Mind Network Intersector Link No
137 Lynn Cole - Dispute Resolution Professional Mediation Link No
138 C-Growth - Accelerators of Change - Institute for Centered Growth Wellbeing of all Link No
139 Bob Stains Conflict Transformation Facilitation Link No
140 Rally Point for Collaborative Change Facilitation Link No
141 Convergence Center for Policy Resolution Facilitation Link No
142 Sacred Discourse Facilitation Link No
143 Crossing Party Lines Politics Link No
144 Convergence on Camppus Socio-Political Education Link No
145 Voice of the People Politics Link No
146 Compassionate Citizen's Foundation Community Link No
147 Chris Corrigan Facilitation Link No
148 Circle Connections Circle Link No
149 Ways of Council Circles Link No
150 The Circle Way (net) Consciousness Circle Link No
151 Caring Economy Economy Link No
152 Center for Partnership Studies Consciousness Co-creation Link No
153 New Story Hub Community Link No
154 Workshop Bank Facilitation Link No
155 Peggy Holman Facilitation Link No
156 The Delphi Group Facilitation Link No
157 Science and NonDuality Consciousness Philosophy Link No
158 One World in Dialogue Facilitation Link No
159 Greater Than the Sum Socio-Political Facilitation Link No
160 Movement Net Lab Planetary-Cosmic Intersector Link No
161 Collective Presencing Psyche Communion Link No
162 1 God Consciousness Spirituality Link No
163 Transition US Sustainability Link No
164 Living Economies Forum Planetary-Cosmic Sustainability Link No
165 Global Oneness Project Planetary-Cosmic Media Link No
166 Films for the Planet Media Link No
167 Community Listening Infrastructure Governance Link No
168 Open Space Technology Consciousness Intersector Link No
169 International Association of Facilitators Socio-Political Facilitation Link No
170 Ben Franklin Circles Consciousness Ethics Link No
171 The Leap Manifesto Socio-Political Sustainability Link No
172 World Weavers Consciousness Wellbeing of all Link No
173 The Listening Center - Sacred Listening Facilitation Link No
174 Public Sphere Project Socio-Political Governance Link No
175 Peer Spirit - The Circle Way Consciousness Facilitation Link No
176 Tenneson Woolf Consciousness Facilitation Link No
177 Garden of Light Consciousness Spirituality Link Yes
178 Golden Rule Day Consciousness Community Link No
179 Euphrates Institute Consciousness Facilitation Link No
180 Berkana Institute Facilitation Link No
181 Common Ground at UCSC Consciousness Wellbeing of all Link No
182 Art of Hosting Planetary-Cosmic Facilitation Link No
183 AI Commons -- Appreciative inquiry Psyche Facilitation Link No
184 Living Room Conversations Facilitation Link No
185 Bridge Alliance Socio-Political Governance Link No
186 World Cafe Facilitation Link No
187 Conversation Cafe Socio-Political Facilitation Link No
188 Essential Partners - PublicConversations Facilitation Link No
189 Green World Rising Ecology Climate change Link No
190 Parliament of World Religions Consciousness Religion Link No
191 United Religions Initiative Consciousness Intercultural Link No
192 Be the Change Earth Alliance Sustainability Link No
193 Association for Global New Thought (AGNT) Consciousness Spirituality Link No
194 Charter for Compassion Socio-Political Interspirit Link No
195 Transform the System (dot org) Socio-Political Wellbeing of all Link No
196 Jus Semper Global Alliance Socio-Political Wellbeing of all Link No
197 National Institute for Civil Discourse Facilitation Link No
198 National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation Socio-Political Facilitation Link No
199 The Intersector Project Socio-Political Intersector Link No
200 Global Fund for Women Women Link No
201 We the World Wellbeing of all Link No
202 Unity Earth Intercultural Link Yes
203 Inequality Economy Economy Link No
204 The Next System Project Economy Economy Link No
205 Context Institute Socio-Political Sustainability Link No
206 Earth Charter Ecology Wellbeing of all Link No
207 Democracy Collaborative Economy Governance Link No
208 New Economy and Social Innovation (NESI) Economy Economy Link No
209 Humanistic Management Network Economy Wellbeing of all Link No
210 SystemaB Economy Economy Link No
211 Global Hub for the Common Good Wellbeing of all Link No
212 Leading for Well Being Economy Economy Link No