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Global Community Organizing
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World Summit Design


Everyone is different. Every human being is a unique individual.

We are different in our biology, history, education, cultural influences and politics. We differ in our languages, perspectives, values, tastes, spiritualities and religions. Each of us is different in small or large ways from every other human being on the planet.

The World Summit honors these differences.

These differences give the human race its fabulous fascinating variety and its collective potential for creation. If we were all the same, life would be sterile and we would have no capacity for creativity. It is our differences - when held in a spirit of cocreation and mutual respect - that open the creative power of our society and can release the power of renaissance.

We are leaving behind the old way of thinking: "For me to succeed, you must fail." "For me to have enough, you cannot have enough." "If you disagree with me, I must defeat you." "The poor you will have with you always."

We are entering an age of mutual appreciation and respect, of brilliant and inspired co-creation, of responsible and balanced sharing, of innovative responses to every painful or threatening issue that is wounding the life of some human being somewhere.

The World Summit is nurturing and invoking a convergence - a convergence towards the common ground of all humanity - that place from which we can address and solve every problem that threatens us today.

In this brilliantly explosive and fabulously complex context of creative diversity, the World Summit is forging unity. We are stepping into the center and synthesizing wholeness - invoking it, convening, magnetizing it. In our coming together, we are fusing an agreement - a shared collective understanding and effective workable basis for transformative collective activism - at local and global levels - in the full context of all our differences.

And we're doing all this one small friendly simple step at a time, inviting agreement on what seem to be the founding and guiding principles of cocreation and community anywhere.

I agree...
I want to live my life in the spirit of cocreation.
I want to work and connect with people and groups anywhere and everywhere who are guided in the spirit of cocreation.
I want to connect in a million cocreative ways with people and groups through a common resonant wholeness.
People can trust me. I will keep my word.

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