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As an easy way for everybody co-create in the same place. Please scan these message sent out by email and add your comments!

Messages appear most recent first, with comments linked to them (underneath them). Click the "View comments" link to see the comments in order posted. You can edit any comment you write. I am making a way to subcribe to comments by email (it does not work yet). It should also be possible to "comment on a comment" -- which would create "dialogue".

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Saturday, November 10, 2018, 7:40 pm ID: 101508 | Add a comment | View comments | Subscribe to comments

Dear Everybody -- greetings from California.

I've had some good chats with a few people, including Robert, who has some ideas for how to organize and prepare for the January event. It's my feeling that we we do need to start gathering up a few things in fairly clean ways -- like a list of organizations we'd like to see attending, or the people from those orgs we want to invite -- maybe with some notion of how we are going to contact them and get them involved.

I told Robert I would help with that -- and I'd like to see suggestions from many others.

In case you are wondering why you are getting this email -- this is a brand-new system, and I am tuning up the addressing, and did organize some groups for bring the relevance into focus. But we are starting to attract members/participants from outside the World Summit sphere -- and we got a few new people from the Art of Hosting, who are bringing some wonderful insights into our orbit. There is now a detailed subscription option at the top-right of your "my profile" page. I'll make sure that works right.

This email is a first try at the "postulate and fix" method of online co-creation. Somebody sends out an email like this -- and it has a link for comments. So click the comment link, and make your statement. Nothing concealed about any of it. Everybody can review suggestions and requests.

I did a test earlier and it seemed to work. How are we going to get more organizations involved -- and who are they? Why do they want to come to our event? What are they going to do when they get here? Let's get some good ideas on those subjects.

Ok, thanks -- happy Saturday evening.

Friday, November 9, 2018, 7:33 pm ID: 101506 | Add a comment | View comments | Subscribe to comments

Dear Everybody --

Thanks as always for your presence and energy and insights.

Many of us have been working away on various aspects of the World Summit project, and it seems we are making good progress. I personally am excited about it, and am supposing that we can "do great things" if we just stay steady and stick with it.

Tonight, I just want to send out a very brief hello. Tomorrow, I might send out some ideas on "getting organized" -- or some thoughts on things we might do together.

I like the idea of sending basic proposals and concepts to everybody "in the community", and creating a way to receive feedback. One way to do that is just send something like this message, linked to a space for comments. If you want to respond, make a suggestion, take the conversation in another direction -- all of that is easily possible.

The World Summit is a great thing -- and might become a very great thing. Thanks to the visionaries who conceived it, and thanks to all the co-workers who are helping it to happen.

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