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World Summit Design

World Summit Design
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This diagram helps explain the World Summit process as a large scale action of social and political organizing, as it develops over time as an evolutionary sequence of actions in unfolding steps.

These actions and transition are shown along the time-line of the transition of a catepillar or chrysallis into a butterfly -- a traditional and very popular model of shift and transition and the emergence of the new paradigm.

The new paradigm -- in a single phrase -- is "we are one". Not only are "we" one -- but all things become one in the same framework. This is stunning, awesome, and magnificently beautiful.

Here at World Summit, we are consciously and intentionally and explicitly orgnanizing these actions, and you are invited to participate.

Congress of Women

Social Butterfly

This display follows the popular image of metamorphosis -- as the humble caterpilar morphs into the magnificant butterfly.

We are suggessting something similar in our vision of social change. There is a seqeucne through which we are passing, analogous to the process of birthing the butterfly. It takes time, and each step must be completed. Are we getting near a collective birth time? Some of us think the answer is yes.


World civilization has evolved for thousands of years, in its short-sighted but determined way, crawling up the path of evolution towards higher states of being. Consciously or unconsciously, humanity has been building up its potential for higher levels of social organization and realization. Like the human race, the caterpillar is reaching towards the light.
Instinctively knowing it has fulfilled its destiny and task, and has charged itself with the substance and life-force energy it needs for the rebirthing and metamorphosis process, the caterpillar creates its cocoon and goes into a dormant period while its mysterious process of transformation can take place in quiet and safety. The birth of our new paradigm process has also been quiet and behind the scenes, growing in small ways in thousands of places around the world.
Hearing the call to rebirthing and higher destiny, the nascent butterfly awakens within its cocoon and emerges, struggling to free itself and open its wings. We human beings are struggling in similar ways. We instinctively believe we can reach higher, but it's not easy.
Its wings dry, the vital current of life now flowing, the butterfly is fully unfolded and ready for the next stage of its evolution and destiny. Today, human civilization -- and millions of individual human beings -- are awaiting this rebirth in their spirit.

In progress

This framework is designed around a very few major categories and functions

  • Sectors
  • Issues
  • Projects developed generally in response to issues
  • Solution proposals emerging from projects
  • Dialogue and negotiation in a holistic network context that balances the forces

  • All of society and civilization is categorized by "Sectors of the Wheel"
    • All sectors are or can be interconnected

  • Issues are raised within those sectors
    • Issues are pertinent to specific regions which can be defined
    • Issues involve collective decision-making, which we resolve through methods like sociocracy or non-violent communications or "resonant convergence"
    • Issues are all interconnected

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