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World Summit Design

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We are going to list every issue of concern any registered person or group wants to list, along with whatever solution proposal they come up with or want to move into the world....

Please list any issue that you believe should be brought into the context of the World Summit

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  • Select locale (where is this issue relevant)
  • Select level of scale (personal, local, regional, national, global)
  • Please state what you believe should be done about this issue (your proposed solution)
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  • Do you have affiliates or organizations linked to this issue or your solution?
1 Divided People - Divided World Bruce Schuman  
Locale: Entire world, and every city and village and person
Issue: The world seems to be passing through an intense period of frustration, anger and blame. We don't understand each other very well and tend to think we don't like each other. There are a lot of reasons this is happening, and maybe we can start to do something about it.
Solution: Define a big-picture framework as per the "Grand Design" concept and then fill in the blanks like a paint-by-numbers puzzle. Lots of details, but we'll create a framework to locate them, and make them meaningful in activist ways.
Primary sector: Community (15 additional)

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