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Global Community Organizing
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World Summit Design


Electronic summit

We want to connect 100 or 1000 World Summit network nodes converging into common resonant center through the circular matrix of the Cocreative Wheel.

Register your node on our Projects page.

This page will show all projects listed as a World Summit network node. Please list yours!

1 GAIA Josh Pasmore  
GAIA is a community stewarded project helping new communities build agreement fields. These agreements are core in moving forward in community building.
2 Thuchila Youth Empowerment Programme and Development Network Jonas Fadweck  
TITTLE: HELPING COMMUNITIES THROUGH INTERGRAL DEVELOPMENT MISSION: To ensure that communities are access to clean water (as water is life), learning and living in conducive environment and ensure food security ACTIVITIES: Cleaning wells, planting trees, conserving natural resources, providing food to vulnerable people, provide water guard to elderly for diseases prevention and ensure that clean are accessible.
3 IHO Earth Grant Dive  
This ‘International Humanitarian Organisation of the People’ is based on a NEW Global Model of international cooperation between all countries. It is an acknowledgement that we can create a far wiser and more intelligent world which benefits all countries and sectors of society when we make the decision to simply ‘work together as a people’. As a unified people, there will no longer be any limits to the truly incredible things that we can achieve TOGETHER.
4 Upcycle community challenges into stories Cihan Koral  
Diagnosing and stepping up to navigate through one of their community or NGO challenges for social impact oriented civil sector people -- year long program with storytelling training, role theory, complexity training and storytelling for communities training followed up by pilot projects across NGOs to try out their solution based designs, coupled with reflective action research approach.
5 Portal between paralel worlds Cihan Koral  
How about women of international communities communicate though postcards with women in prisons, with check-in questions, check-out questions, reflective questions back and forth, with adding stamps and empty cards, can we do AoH practices across bars? can I stay in the speech from the I, can I just accept the now without judging even in the most difficult situations, can I live with what I witness? can I create my own cards out of materials from my environment? possibility for the project to also include toys specifically designed to be allowed in prisons, attached to the post women receive.
6 Decision Making for NGOs Cihan Koral  
Co-creating unique mechanisms for each NGO that is putting up a red flag due to the challenges in their decision making processes- through NVC, DD, socratic dialogue and AoH
7 Third Space AoHAthina Maria Scordialos  
To create a hybrid space, Third Space in the Eastern Med so that we can build regenerative cultures across the countries of the Balkans, Aegean and Eastern Med. This Third Space will be a place to cultivate deep relationships, break down borders of conflict, sustainable economies, and regional health. We will use the Art of Hosting and Harvesting Meaningful Conversations and living systems theory, as well as traditions from the region as a foundation to working together.
8 Santa Barbara Spirit of the Center / Community of the Whole Bruce Schuman  
We will spearhead and pioneer the notion of "network node" in the broader context of World Summit.
9 World Summit Global Community Organizing Bruce Schuman  
Create a basic generic template for holistic organizing on the sectors of the wheel

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