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Developer: Mo Riddiford

Project name: Globish Project

Project url (web location):

Project description:
What is the one global second language? What is the one language for reliable inclusive global communication. Currently English is the best candidate for this language. But over 75% don't speak it at all, and many more feel afraid to speak; the native speakers are dominating. World Summit has approved our project to integrate Globish as the shared second language, when needed. Globish uses just 1500 of the most common words of English. It is also spoken a little more slowly and a little more clearly. Most importantly the weaker speaker of English can request Globish, when needed. Will you help us? Then just talk about the idea of Globish!

Contact name: Mo Riddiford

Contact email:

Willing to cocreate: Yes

City: Berlin

State / region / province: CO

Nation: Germany

Does project access require password sign-in: No

If sign-in is required, is registration open: Yes Inquirers contact me at my WS email address: Yes

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World Summit solution proposal
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