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1 Project Health Control | Project web site David Winter  
A project controls service that's available as a project management tool for other projects. Project Health Control is a methodology, tried unsuccessfully in the energy industries. It's failure is due the application of efficiency and transparency, it could not work in a capitalist market system. Perfect for a cooperative, sharing environment. We are targeting businesses that are working in the Change Movement, and aggressively competitive with competitor capitalist market businesses.
2 GAIA | Project web site Josh Pasmore  
GAIA is a community stewarded project helping new communities build agreement fields. These agreements are core in moving forward in community building.
3 Upper South Platte Regenerative Community Hub | Project web site Hunter Lovins  
A part of John Fullerton's Regenerative Community Hubs, our Hub is in formation. It will engage citizens, companies, communities of faith and governments in the greater Denver area to transform the economy from extractive industries to a regenerative economy in service to life
4 Thuchila Youth Empowerment Programme and Development Network Jonas Fadweck  
TITTLE: HELPING COMMUNITIES THROUGH INTERGRAL DEVELOPMENT MISSION: To ensure that communities are access to clean water (as water is life), learning and living in conducive environment and ensure food security ACTIVITIES: Cleaning wells, planting trees, conserving natural resources, providing food to vulnerable people, provide water guard to elderly for diseases prevention and ensure that clean are accessible.
5 Greening Uganda Group | Project web site Atwongyeire Joseph  
Greening Uganda Group is a community based organisation aiming at protecting our environment,we are doing it through planting one million trees and teaching people good methods of farming
6 Oaklands Rise Woonerf | Project web site John James O'Brien  
A citizen's group is responding to the inevitable increase in local density by inviting community to hold a set of contiguous, sidewalk-free streets as a wide surface, people first shared space to empower resilient neighbourhoods, healthier living and connections. Counter-intuitive in North Amercia's car-centric culture, this adaptation of the Dutch woonerf is proposed as a pilot. Elements include reduction of risk of harm through multi-use design of the set of residential streets; expansion of connectedness among urban neighbourhoods; implementation of plantings, pollinators to augment the Suzuki Foundation's Butterflyway Project; introduction of street furnishings to strengthen multi-generational inclusion and street art for placemaking.
7 Zurich Retreat | Project web site Martin Hohn  
Zurich Retreat is a project to create a holistic campus for transition competences that serves as ecosystem to catalyse change and become a prototype for a new society model.
8 IHO Earth | Project web site Grant Dive  
This ‘International Humanitarian Organisation of the People’ is based on a NEW Global Model of international cooperation between all countries. It is an acknowledgement that we can create a far wiser and more intelligent world which benefits all countries and sectors of society when we make the decision to simply ‘work together as a people’. As a unified people, there will no longer be any limits to the truly incredible things that we can achieve TOGETHER.
9 Infinite World Game | Project web site Bret Warshawsky  
DISCOVER A NEW OPERATING SYSTEM FOR HUMANITY A WHOLE SYSTEMS BREAKTHROUGH IN SERVICE TO LIFE The Infinite World Game (IWG) is an unprecedented innovation. A vision and whole-systems platform for a society and world that does things differently. Cocreative players in the IWG organise themselves as living cells in a planetary super-organism (or ‘Universal Fractal Organism’, UFO), where ‘thriveability’ is the new name of the game for humanity and the planet. Drawing on a new world view and the principles of living systems, the IWG moves beyond our current concepts of economics and social organisation and offers a fresh way to share and regulate resources, interrelate, develop innovations, realise ourselves and co-ordinate our intelligence. As we elevate our capacity as a species, the IWG reorganises our social processes to go beyond product and profitability alone towards a world where every action is creating more life, love and thriveability for all.
10 S7 Foundation | Project web site Bret Warshawsky  
11 Upcycle community challenges into stories Cihan Koral  
Diagnosing and stepping up to navigate through one of their community or NGO challenges for social impact oriented civil sector people -- year long program with storytelling training, role theory, complexity training and storytelling for communities training followed up by pilot projects across NGOs to try out their solution based designs, coupled with reflective action research approach.
12 Portal between paralel worlds Cihan Koral  
How about women of international communities communicate though postcards with women in prisons, with check-in questions, check-out questions, reflective questions back and forth, with adding stamps and empty cards, can we do AoH practices across bars? can I stay in the speech from the I, can I just accept the now without judging even in the most difficult situations, can I live with what I witness? can I create my own cards out of materials from my environment? possibility for the project to also include toys specifically designed to be allowed in prisons, attached to the post women receive.
13 Decision Making for NGOs Cihan Koral  
Co-creating unique mechanisms for each NGO that is putting up a red flag due to the challenges in their decision making processes- through NVC, DD, socratic dialogue and AoH
14 Third Space AoHAthina Maria Scordialos  
To create a hybrid space, Third Space in the Eastern Med so that we can build regenerative cultures across the countries of the Balkans, Aegean and Eastern Med. This Third Space will be a place to cultivate deep relationships, break down borders of conflict, sustainable economies, and regional health. We will use the Art of Hosting and Harvesting Meaningful Conversations and living systems theory, as well as traditions from the region as a foundation to working together.
15 Discerning the Will of the Whole | Project web site Bruce Schuman  
Religious and spiritual people often believe they should "follow the Will of God". But is there an equivalent or similar idea for secular humanists, and some way to introduce this kind of thinking into politics? If we can reason together about what is right and true and good without institutional doctrines or dogma, we might open the way to important new ideas in politics. The Parliament of World Religions has proposed a "Global Ethic". Is there an "ethic of the whole" that we can define in a sensible and down-to-earth way?
16 Weaving Unity / The Grand Design | Project web site Bruce Schuman  
With the rise of Oneness in all its forms around the world, we are beginning to understand the "connections between the sectors", and how all the separate departments and sectors of our thinking are part of one whole. This is an ancient and classical idea from mysticism and philosophy, but we are bringing it up to date. Epistemologist and anthropologist Gregory Bateson famously asked "What is the Pattern that Connects?" We are beginning to see this pattern, and it is the foundation of this project -- and perhaps of the entire World Summit undertaking.
17 Santa Barbara Spirit of the Center / Community of the Whole | Project web site Bruce Schuman  
We will spearhead and pioneer the notion of "network node" in the broader context of World Summit.
18 Globish Project | Project web site Mo Riddiford  
What is the one global second language? What is the one language for reliable inclusive global communication. Currently English is the best candidate for this language. But over 75% don't speak it at all, and many more feel afraid to speak; the native speakers are dominating. World Summit has approved our project to integrate Globish as the shared second language, when needed. Globish uses just 1500 of the most common words of English. It is also spoken a little more slowly and a little more clearly. Most importantly the weaker speaker of English can request Globish, when needed. Will you help us? Then just talk about the idea of Globish!
19 Alt+Shift | Project web site Seana Rock  
Alt+Shift are Interactive conference events that are being held monthly in cities all over the UK. They will bring activists and the local community together to discuss and workshop alternative future solutions to society's problems.
20 Project on Global Ethics | Project web site Bruce Schuman  
The religions and spiritual traditions of the world do share an overlapping common vision of ethics. But it can be blurry, uncertain, and not strong enough to influence secular culture. We need to build a networking framework that gathers the most authoritative points of view and the most influential organizations, and bring their perspectives together in a cocreative way. Create an activist alliance around this theme to influence culture and politics.
21 Seven Days of Rest | Project web site Shelley Ostroff  
Global event for the healing and replenishment of the planet and all its inhabitants
22 Project on the Law of the Whole | Project web site Bruce Schuman  
We are moving from an era of legalistic fragmentation and dispute into a new era of realization guided by wholeness and oneness. This guiding principle has an inherent "law" that can guide individual human beings, can guide decision-making in specific contexts, and can make every decision on an intimately-informed case-by-case basis. We need to fully understand this and bring it into the world.
23 Vision of the Circle | Project web site Bruce Schuman  
We are exploring an explosive integrating concept for interconnecting levels of negotiation across levels of scale. This is a model for personal relationships and for the governance of groups -- even very large groups when nested across levels of scale. This is how we converge into unity -- in a gradual process of converging negotiation that comes to a common center shared by everyone.
24 Charter for Cocreation | Project web site Bruce Schuman  
We are developing a framework to nurture a cocreative agreement to be shared among individuals and groups who want to change the world for the better. You are invited to sign it and work with others to build a cocreative world.
25 World Summit Global Community Organizing | Project web site Bruce Schuman  
Create a basic generic template for holistic organizing on the sectors of the wheel
26 World Summit | Project web site Robert Schram  
Visionary project to bring together the best ideas of the emerging new paradigm
27 Interspirit | Project web site Bruce Schuman  
Tools to support the convergence -- vision of interspirituality

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