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World Summit Design

Project design

November 2, 2018

Synergy is the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts.
The term synergy comes from the Attic Greek word synergia from synergos,
meaning "working together". (Wikipedia)


We are working together to organize and activate a world-class network system and conference framework. The project is intended to nurture the emergence into the world of a new paradigm, grounded in wholeness and designed to overcome an extended series of problems which are currently threatening life on earth.

Generally, we are following the concept of "SynCon", pioneered by Conscious Evolution leader Barbara Marx Hubbard. A SynCon is a kind of conference format that brings together people from multiple social sectors to explore common ground and convergence. "Syn" refers to synergy, and "Con" to conference.

See mission statement at


We are supposing we can most effectively address all these issues, and many more, all at the same time and in the same synergetic framework.

  • Economic inequity
  • Climate change
  • War and "man's inhumanity to man"
  • Ecological pollution and extinction
  • Starvation and disease
  • Psychological pollution of the "spirit of democracy" by ignorance and lack of enlightening leadership
  • The inability of "diverse" groups to work together successfully, resulting in culture wars, political division, and "the silo effect"
  • Many others
We can make a long list of such problems, and identify as a root cause of them all the lack of a guiding and containing principle of wholeness and integration. World Summit proposes that all of these issues can be addressed at the same time through the holistic and integral approach outlined in this design.


The entire project is a SynCon in two major parts.

  • a holistic face-to-face conference or series of in-person conferences, and
  • an internet system that supports them.


We are working together to synthesize a global-scale holistic network and system for holistic social change. We are helping to facilitate a transition from contentious social fragmentation to wholeness, at all levels of social organization, including local, regional, national and global.

Because the World Summit group sees these possibiities, and because the time is right and millions of other people see something similar, we are capable of transforming the world, by helping guide the organization and evolution of civilization through a transition from fragmented and discordent/misaligned competing elements, into a centered and balanced wholeness that serves the wellbeing of all people everywhere.

This processs serves and addresses all major phases of civilization and social organization, and all categories and sectors defined on the Wheel of Cocreation.

  • Our objective: design and build a holistic (whole systems, all sectors) global network linked to a holistic global conference, intended to support the wellbeing of people everywhere.

  • Our project: working together, we design and create a holistic global internet system organized on the Wheel of Cocreation. This network is linked to a holistic face-to-face conference organized through the same design and proocol and supported by the network.

  • Our categories: In a holistic and integral way, the Wheel of Cocreation defines major categories and a taxonomy of hundreds of issue-areas and sectors that include the full range of human experience and all major issues and disagreements. We can position and orient our comprehensive revolution through its simple categories.

  • Our method: Non-violent and resonant resolution of all issues and controversies that arise within our defined categories and sectors, through a form of negotiation and facilitation that is designed to converge to common center and agreement


  • Millions of people know that the world is experiencing a kind of transition or "shift", in a sustained cultural transformation that has been going on for many years, and is driven by many factors and discoveries, perhaps primary of which is globalization.

  • This "shift" process involves critical dangers and highly desirable new opportunities. We should respond to the dangers by activating the new opportunities.

  • What is great about World Summit is that this group has recognized this transition as an opportunity to organize in a holistic way as activists, with a focus on a specific face-to-face conference at a particular time and place, taking on fully global issues, and potentially embracing all the simultneous and interdependent issues that this transition to a new cultural order seems to demand. This is powerful, essential, and unprecedented. This is something that should happen.


Our actions:

  • Organize and build a network of organizations who wish to affiliate with the World Summit, and who agree to stay in cocreative relationship or regularly participate in some way. Perhaps enable a "subscription" approach to a global conference, where organizational representatives agree to respond to a brief poll or questionnaire received every week by email, where they can reply to a very few careful questions relevant to their work.

  • Support and facilitate ways that individual human beings can "join the summit process" by becoming local network nodes, linked to our network through a process of agreement and resonance, and taking on issues that they define on the Wheel, at levels of scale and in sectors they find interesting and valuable. We can support the collaboration of everyday people alongside experts, building strength across the movement


I was writing and designing for about 18 straight hours yesterday -- and one tiny thought that went through me -- is that a "summit" is a "point" -- the very tippy-top of the mountain -- a point of convergence -- a point where every thing comes together. All paths up the mountain lead to the summit -- and everyone coming up the mountain -- on no matter what path -- all arrive at the same summit. "See you there" 😎


  • This Vision page proposes a vast scheme and design, for a globally interconnected process that works on common universal standards to promote and encourage and facilitate the "convergence" and resolution of issues through balance and "wholeness" in a holistically-interconnected context that preserves local freedom while maximizing global wholeness and well being.

  • We are working in the context of the World Summit project, at We admire what they are doing, and want to work within the general framework of their ideas and context. In this project on, we are developing our own unique approach to these questions, under their cocreative influence. Some what we are doing here is directly taken from their work, other aspects are original and innovative.

  • Generally following their approach, but considering our own understanding and vision, we want to create an international network of cooperating individual people and organizations, who are adopting a common protocol and method to resolved problems that are arising all over the world.

  • We are seeing the World Summit operating in two major phases: 1) a global network, running on the internet constantly, and 2) a global event, occurring periodically. These two processes take the same general form, using consistent methods at all levels of scale.

  • We want this network to take on the same issues and through the same basic framework as a large scale World Summit parliament event we want to hold periodically in a particular place -- and through our network, constantly, 24 hours a day on the internet.


To do these things, we want to define a common protocol that can be shared by all participating people and organizations. We propose that this protocol should involve these two major themes:

  1. The Taxonomy of the Wheel

    • The "sectors of the wheel" create a taxonomy of issues and concerns, that occur at all levels of scale throughout life everywhere.
    • We want to share this taxonomy (or card catelog or directory of issues and themes) as a common protocol with hundreds of groups.
    • If widely shared (like an international standard), this systematic framework can become a "backbone" for this global network, as common sectors are interconnected across the internet.
    • We want people to join the network from anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection -- through common interfaces (Facebook?) or a big web site with many "local" groups -- or from independent web sites that install our iFrame interface on their web site and connect to one another in that way.

  2. The resolution of issues within the framework of convergent circles

    • Within the context of the taxonomy of issues created by sectors of the wheel, we want to propose and explore the method of resolving issues and collective decision-making in the context of "resonant circles."
    • This is our proposed "governance model" -- for the self-regulation of the world summit movement and network and evevent -- and for the entire world.
    • We are envisioning millions of interconnected circles exploring issues in a common taxonomy and resolving all issues by convergence to common center.
    • We are exploring the method of circles and convergence to a "resonant hub" at the common center.
    • We are supposing that this is the most powerful way to resolve human controversy in a harmonious and co-creative way.
    • The transformation of the world and global society occurs through a gradual transition taking place at millions of "points" around the world as some contentious issue is resolved through convergence to a point or common center.


  • A "network of circles" can emerge across the internet and the world, as issues (dimensions of disagreement) that appear anywhere around any question or point of division can be resolved through the general method of "convergence towards common center."

  • We are exloring the deeply mystical and somewhat amazing idea that circles can become "congruent" or "convergent into one another" because they have a common center. So, we are proposing or testing a model of reality that is based on two essential principles:

    • Reality is "omni-centric" -- center is everywhere
    • Circles can be understood to have a common center -- such that it becomes possible to sugest that in general, "all circles have the same center"

  • This approach overcomes the fragmentation of local and indpendent circles and communities and locales within the common global container of "the whole"

  • "The whole" is the highest level of container of any particular kind of analysis. In geography, it is "the whole world". In a person, it is "the whole body". In humanity, it is "the whole human race".

  • For one point of reference on the subject of conflict resolution, see the IHO (International Humanitarian Organization) project at

  • Example of an ongoing conference on simulteneous multiple interconnected themes:

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