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The affirmation of absolute common center

The center of the world -- the same center found in every human being, and in every healthy and balancced group -- is an axis, like the vertical alignment of chakras. This axis sets the standard for our cultural revolution.

How is this axis aligned?

What holds it in place?

How is it defined in such a way as it can become a trustworthy standard for all of humanity, from any culture?

It is consistent with the foundation of evey major world relgiion, and all the most advanced spiritual traditions...

It is the core principle of guidance for all excellent human judgment -- it craetes the context within which all judgement should be formed -- from legal to scientific to spiritual toi personal relationships to collective governanace and decision-making...

It is the standard by which a human being has a "conscience"...

  • universal virtue
  • There is one center to reality, shared by all people -- but because reality is multi-level (from local to global, from specific to universal) we experience this center as an axis -- like a straight line through a series of concentric circles, where those concentraic circles repreent levels
  • This axis is the universal calibration standard for perfectly balanced judgment in all things in the context of the whole
  • Axis of "perfect balanced judgement" connecting the infinitesimal local point to the absolute univrsal global one
  • This lines up every judgment and decision in reality to one common standard of truth and justice and healthy and vital homesotstatic balance in the body of life
  • This process locates and aligns "the parts" within "the whole" -- and establishes the presence of wholeness at every point -- "every part IS a whole" (the concept of holon)
  • It creates a standard for "perfect harmony" among all human beings -- and when errors are made, or disruptions arise, it maintains an standard for the "recalibration" of human attunement at individul or group or large-scale collective levels