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Spheres of Co-Creation
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Designed to help foster the global transition to a sustainable, cooperative and just society, the "Spheres of Co-Creation" is both: 1) A dynamic model of the holarchic, nested, interconnected levels of our being, from the innermost levels of consciousness to complex outer systems, and 2) An interactive database facilitating the collaboration of organizations working at these levels. For more about this movement and how you can be part of it, see "Manifesto for a Movement of Movements" and "A Holarchic Model for a Global Citizens Movement."

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 Planetary/Cosmic Sphere
 Socio-Political Sphere
 Economic Sphere
 Ecology Sphere
 Psyche and Worldview Sphere
 Energy Sphere
 Consciousness Sphere

The "Spheres of Co-Creation" is a project co-facilitated by the Shakti Global Centre: