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Two directions of revolution

This project proposes a collective social-change action intended to create widespread enlightened social unity and wellbeing, organized around a cultural movement working in two fundamental directions at the same time:

1) Bottom Up: Convergence of individuals and organizations everywhere towards a shared common center, where differences in policies and values and specializations are negotiated in fine-grained detail by cocreation and resonance, and

2) Top Down: Outreach to people and organizations, from this idealized common center grounded in similarities and defined in simple universal principles, as an informed and inspired act of faith in oneness and humanity.

This linkage across levels of scale creates 3) an Axial Alignment, or common reference point or principle of collective attunment calibration, across all levels of human experience. Yes, this is profoundly "revolutionary", and embodies the deepest principles of "the shift" -- the "great transition" -- which we understand as a movement or transition from individual and cultural fragmentation to wholeness -- enabling the creation of a global community of trust and co-creation in the context of full cultural diversity and human differences.

Thus, this framework is neither strictly top-down ("hierarchical, authoritarian") or strictly bottom-up ("egalitarian, communitarian, democratic, grassroots"). It is neither "centralized" or "decentralized".

Instead, this framework is "omni-centric" -- "center everywhere" -- a co-creative network of mutual influence guided by a shared common spirit of wholeness at every point and every level.

Similar to sociocracy and holacracy, it is a model of democracy and communal self-governance based on an interactive flow of information and insight and "control" ("influence") that moves in both dirctions, from a shared common center -- like the trunk of a tree -- out to the branches -- and then back again, in a balanced and "cybernetic" flow of mutual guidance and constructive insight.

Emergent Vision: The gradual coalescence of a "resonant cloud of agreement" across the global body politick, at all levels of scale and embracing all sectors, where agreement on challenging or divisive issues has become dynamic, and the center-point of all balance and justice is located equally within every human being.

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